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Taking Chances with Vanessa and Noelle

Mar 2, 2021

NOTE: If you're having trouble with the audio on this episode, you may need to refresh the podcast in your app. Our apologies!

The world is slowly beginning to open up, and we don't know about you, but Team Chances is itching to get out and DO THINGS. Safely, using masks and hand washing and social distancing, of course, but we're really looking forward to seeing our friends IRL instead of on screens.

We love connecting -- whether that's with current friends or new ones, in person or on screens -- but we really love combining friends with activities!

That's why we made Activities such a big part of our Chances App: so you can find people who also want to go for a hike, eat sushi, go to the beach, or play online games. 

It makes hanging out so much easier. Instead of a bunch of people trying to make a decision, YOU pick a day, time, and activity, and invite contacts on Chances. They RSVP, you meet, and you get to the fun part right away.

We brought America's Dad back to talk about how to create fun activities and events to enjoy with friends. Keep connections with friends strong, discover new connections, and make some great memories with the Chances App activities!